Remarkably Simple Strategies Successful People Use to Maximize the Value of Their Content

Least you need to be reminded.  People go to your website or your blog because they what to find out who you are, to read or watch something, to learn something, or to look up information. And that takes content. Content gets traffic and traffic earns money. If the content is not a key component of your marketing, it should be.

Read on to learn how to leverage your content and maximize its value.


If you follow Tim Ferriss on social media, you’ll find he regularly shares old posts with his audience to remind them of that content and to get them to head back to his site. Keep in mind only 10% of your Facebook followers (or something like that) will see each post from your page. You need to keep posting to engage your entire readership, but do you have enough content to really keep that up?

Instead then, why not remind your followers of old content and show them posts they may have missed? Especially if your site has been around a long time!


While revisiting your content is a great strategy, you can also give it a new life by repurposing it and presenting it in a different way. Think of it as the same ideas and content, but with different wrapping. Post your article to social media, your blog, LinkedIn, local newspapers, podcasts, trade journals, wherever your audience will see or hear it. Try also combining your best articles into round-up posts and republish.


Yes, SEO will help people find your articles, but there is much more you can do. Promote your content and generate hype for it much as Apple might generate buzz for its next iPhone. Talk about your article on forums, discussing it through social media channels and showing it on YouTube. That’s right, do more than just posting links. Talk about it and demonstrate why people should care about it. It’s a subtle but potent difference.

Why not talk about the big exciting post you have coming next at the end of each article? Or referencing your ‘best post yet’ in a future article?

Your Takeaway

My advice is to do more than just release your article and stop there. It’s time for you to stop churning out articles and posting links, and time to start thinking long and hard about how to really sell your articles and show them in the best possible light.

If you have not yet made content a key component of your marketing program, don’t wait.  Start now. We are content marketing experts and would love to work with you to build your content plan.


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