How To Easily Get Better Results From Your Brand Without Having To Break The Bank

Branding is more than just a logo. It increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. However, having a (great) brand is only half of the story. You need to use it to make your presence known by placing it where it matters most and where it can easily be found.

Here are 7 key places to easily position your brand.

#1 – Websites and Blogs – Your site should be a primary mechanism for your branding efforts. This is because a site (better yet, a blog) offers more benefits than nearly all other branding mechanisms, such as paid advertising or social media marketing.

#2 – Email Signatures – Email signatures provide a valuable means of brand exposure. Consider how many emails you send out every day, without a brand at the bottom. Try adding your brand message to your signature.

#3 – Social Media – Your image profile on social media should really be your brand logo. This means that for every single post you make on social media, people will associate it with the brand logo. All of your posts should also relate your content to your brand.

#4 – Stationary and Business Cards – While many believe that putting logos on physical stationery is a little out of date, this is simply not the case. If anything, your brand will stand out more because this practice is not as widely used. Having a symbol or logo on your own personal desk can also serve to be a useful reminder about what you want to achieve.

#5 – Physical Products – If you are involved in the sale of physical items and design the product yourself, then you definitely want to put your logo and brand on it. This can have a massive impact as to how your brand is perceived.

#6 – Forms and Invoices – Another commonly overlooked branding opportunity is on forms and invoices. Even If you do not run a physical business, you can still brand all invoices or documentation used.

#7 – On the Left – While it might sound like a strange recommendation, logos are best kept to the left. Studies have shown that we naturally read from the left to the right. Studies have also confirmed that placing the logo to the left leads to better recall. Additionally, logos on the left are more likely to be termed “unique”.

Your Takeaway

Branding is important because it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.

 Does your business need better brand exposure? We are marketing experts and would love to give your brand the exposure it deserves.

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