5 Proven Ways to Establish You as An Expert In Your Field

Being an expert allows you to become a recognized authority in your field; the person people turn to for advice and assistance. In my experience, experts garner prestige, higher fees, and much more interesting clients. Something we all want, right?

Becoming that expert is far easier than you might think. Here are 5 tips to get you started;

#1 – Let the Results Speak – If you have more of an entrepreneurial mindset, then simply let the results speak for themselves. If you sell 10,000 eBooks in a month or acquire 100,000 Facebook followers in a year, then you do not need any further expertise. The results speak for themselves, and you can claim to be an expert in marketing eBooks or acquiring Facebook followers.

#2 – Get the Credentials – You do not have to take a 4-year course followed by a Masters Degree to get your expert credentials. Try out a Massive Open Online Course (“MOOC”), a UDemy online course, or other online outlets offering certifications. No college needed and much less expensive.

#3 – Join ProfNet – ProfNet is a professional network that journalists reach out to in order to get quotes from experts. The requirements are actually very low, and you could easily establish yourself as an expert in your field and be quoted in reputable journalistic outlets. The journalists actually come to you for quotes.

#4 – Publish Publish Publish – If you consistently write on a particular topic, then you will get a reputation as an expert. To do this successfully, you will need to choose your niche carefully and distinguish your writings from other media outlets. When done and you are able to say that you have written over 500 articles of 1000 words on the topic of the Mechanics of Honey Bee Mating, it is safe to say you are knowledgeable on this topic.

#5 – Try the Time Ferris Approach – According to thought leader Tim Ferris, it is quite easy to establish yourself as an expert. To become an expert in any given field, you will need to join a couple of related trade organizations, read the top 3 best selling books on the topic, give two seminars at the branches of well-known companies, and give one seminar at the closest university. This is a comprehensive but doable method.

The Take Away 

Don’t let your fear of being the expert hold you back. Embrace the prestige, personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come with the territory and seek out opportunities where your knowledge and expertise can make a difference. As an expert people need you. Don’t let them down.

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