5 Proven Social Media Automation Tools That Will Generate More High-Quality Sales Leads Today

Given that there are billions of people who are active on various social media outlets, it makes sense to create social profiles to promote your business. If for no other reason than social media automation tools have become a pre-requisite to success in the digital marketplace.

From a list of many, here are 5 of the best social media automation tools.

#1 – HootSuite. HootSuite is one of the most all-encompassing social media management platforms on the market right now. It is an impressive and powerful piece of software that lets businesses manage various social media channels and monitor their reputation across multiple outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The platform is more suitable for large social media campaigns as opposed to minor efforts.

#2 – Buffer. Buffer is also a big name in the social media automation industry. In contrast to the slightly clunky design of HootSuite, Buffer delivers a smooth and seamless user experience. It is excellent for conversation management across different social platforms.. The product is ultra clean and easy to use, though it lacks some of the more advanced features that can be found on HootSuite. It is ideal for solopreneurs and small business owners who do not have large campaigns to manage.

#3 Sprout Social. This is another tool for large media campaigns. It allows multi-level access so that different team members can collaborate on social media marketing efforts. It provides an excellent mix of usability and functionality. It features a smart inbox, an active community, and a large number of additional features. It is highly effective for reaching a target audience.

#4Feedly. Managing a social media presence entails more than just posting about your business all the time. One of the most common reasons that people unfollow a business is due to off-putting constant self-promotion. Feedly takes all of the sites that you are interested in and lists the articles in an easy to read way, so you can select what article you want to share, saving you considerable time.

#5 eClincher. This is a comprehensive social media management tool that is both easy to use and highly functional. Its auto-post feature allows scheduling of hundreds of posts across accounts for months into the future. It also comes with the highly important social inbox where all social media can be easily monitored in one place.

 Takeaways Smart marketers use marketing automation to accelerate their campaigns and achieve greater ROI. Is your business ready to embrace marketing automation?

We are inbound marketing automation experts and we use marketing automation to turn quality leads into sales. We’d love to help you get started.

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