3 Of The Best Qualities A Project Manager Can Have

Project managers occupy a key role in the world of online commerce. Not everybody has what it takes to be accountable for large projects with so many moving parts. It takes a diverse range of skills and some psychological strengths which is a unique blend.

Here are what I consider 3 essential qualities of great project managers.

#1 – Organization

While some might say that this skill is needed by everybody, it is especially required by project managers to a more intense degree. Project managers need to break up the job into minor components with specific deadlines. One delay can hold up an entire project. This is why a project manager needs to consider all dimensions of a project so that everything moves forward in unison. It is much harder to get it right than you think.

#2 – Exceptional Communication Skills

Being good at telling others what to do, or managing is not even the list of skills for a project manager. Leading others, however, now that’s a different story, one which is core to the success of any project manager.

By leading I mean that project managers are a group that cannot afford to mince words. They need to be polite and fair with all of their co-workers, but they also need to communicate the importance of getting a certain task done on time. There are going to be inevitable delays and this will be communicated to the project managers by co-workers. If the project manager is not open to communicating or has been harsh with co-workers previously, this will create a business void that has a negative impact on the project.

#3 – Proactivity

Project managers need to be ruthlessly proactive, just like the entrepreneurs they work for. The sheer volume of work that has to get done means that the best project managers will always find ways to get work completed well ahead of time.

In my experience, it’s a safe bet that nobody else on the team is going to be as proactive. The team get paid by the hour. The project manager gets paid only when the project runs smoothly and the deliverables get completed.


Project management is a huge topic and there is a vast array of books written on the subject. One book in particular that stands out for me is “Measure What Matters”, written by John Doer. It goes beyond just project management by combining it with performance management. You can find it on Amazon or Chapters. It’s a must-read.

Does your business have a project that is not getting done? Call us. We are “doers” and we know how to make sure your project gets completed.

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